A headline from Gail Schontzler staff writer for the Bozeman Chronicle reads: "Koch-funded MSU research sparks protests to regents."

That story really seemed to upset me and listeners to Dominick In The Morning today. According to the story, critics are demanding the Montana Board of Regents reject a $5.7 million grant.

Who is trying give money to MSU? A rapist? A white supremacist? A child molester? A Nazi?

No, the money comes from Charles Koch of the Charles Koch Foundation. He's a conservative. The argument is very simple: conservatives are bad people. Some people hate conservatives so much they feel we are not good enough to donate money to the university.

In the story, Bozeman attorney Jim Goetz, prominent Montana constitutional lawyer and MSU graduate, is quoted as saying

“The University is being seduced into becoming a ‘delivery system’ for right-wing ideology.”

I like right-wing ideology. So I guess people like me and a lot of my listeners on AM1450 KMMS AM who have political views that are not liberal or that follow the Democratic line are bad.

How else do you see it? You have never hurt another human, you give money to feed the poor, you vote and give to money political candidates, you love America...but you are a proud conservative which makes you bad.

I grew up in Hollywood. A lot of my friends are liberals. Would I say they shouldn't be allowed to donate money to MSU? Would I say they are bad people?

No, I just feel they are misinformed. Just like my liberal friends must think of me, that I am misinformed.

Some of my listeners pointed out MSU gets money from Montana taxpayers. Maybe conservatives should pay less tax. We should keep out tax money because MSU doesn't want our tax money from us.

We will be following this story on Dominick In The Morning.


photo courtesy of Montana State University
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