As many of you regular listeners know, Nico Yunes (above) has become a very popular visitor to our KMMS microphones.

I get more emails and comments on his enthusiastic interpretation of the laws of physics than I get for any other guest. And I have to admit, I have learned a lot even having taken physics in high school.

Starting on Wednesday February 22nd we are introducing a new segment called "Ask Nico."

We're soliciting physics questions from listeners, and Nico will provide the answers to visitors' questions in everyday layman's language, as Nico does so well.

If you have kids in school or who might be taking physics sometime in the near future, you might want to have them listen in to Nico's pearls of wisdom.

You might think you know nothing about physics and have no idea what to ask, so below is a poll to help you out.

Take a moment and check one or more of the items listed and the one that gets the most votes that will be our topic of the week.

Nico Yunes - Every Wednesday beginning February 22nd. Make your selection below.



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