Anyone who served in the military and has put his life on the line or had a family member serve under President Obama should speak out. No one in the media talks about it. If you talk to vets in Bozeman who saw action in Iraq or Afghanistan under Obama, ask them if they are happy Trump is President. They will say yes.

The media just talks about how the rules of engagement under Obama being something some soldiers wanted change. So, okay, some silly rule some don't like.

No. It is unbelievable what Obama did to our soldiers. Also, the generals and military men should have been screaming on television that Obama's rules were killing American servicemen. You would never even hear this story if it were not for talk radio.

A soldier who served overseas made it very simple. American soldiers dying and fighting in this were supposed to treat the enemy like American citizens. They were to treat them like cops treat American citizens.

A true story might help.

Soldier Jones (fake name) is in a fire fight in a town. American soldiers are killed. He takes aim at a terrorist who is shooting a very large weapon, I think he said it was a grenade launcher.

Jones fires back after seeing how we were taking losses. The terrorist is shot and his arm is blown away; blood is everywhere. Jones captures him. They put a tourniquet on him. They bring him to the base. Because he is hurt so badly, the American soldier gets the terrorist flown to a bigger hospital. We are trying to save this creep's life.

Two weeks go by and the terrorist's life is saved. The terrorist is brought back to the base. Jones sees his arm is missing and a nub is now where his arm was.

Jones is told by a superior officer he violated one of our rules of engagement. The rule is when an American soldier captures an enemy in this war, when they return to the base, the soldier has four days to present evidence that this terrorist is a terrorist.

Maybe they need a video of the guy killing Americans, eyewitnesses to the fighting.

You have the right to remain silent. They must treat people on the battlefield like American suspects.

So, because Jones did not present his case in four days, Jones was told to get a Jeep and drive this guy back to the place he was shot at and captured, the place this guy was shooting and killing Americans. He is to be driven to the place where he was to be taken and captured and released.

What the...  How could we put Americans in this kind of danger? How could President Obama set up rules like this?

No matter how hard Jones tries to explain the guy was in surgery, it was impossible for Jones to make a case that this guy is a terrorist. Americans died; he shot at us. It isn't enough a terrorist is shooting at and killing and trying to kill American soldiers?  No. Have we gone mad?

After hearing a vet tell this story, and he said a lot more, I could not look at a picture of President Obama without feeling anger. Trump is making changes to the Army's rules of engagement.

How can we fight a war like this?

No difference between Trump and Obama? You have got to be kidding. Ask a Bozeman vet. President Obama is the worst President we have ever had. He was against this war, but putting these restrictions on our solders is wrong, ignorant, maybe even evil.

Won't hear this from ABC, NBC, ABC, CNN, New York Times. I wonder why?

US Air Cavalry
Credit: Terry Fincher
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