My cat, my Black Cat.

So, as a young man growing up in New York City, you had a dog. No one had a cat. Cats were hated and roamed the streets looking to eat a mouse or a bird. It was not unusual to hear a story about someone killing a cat. I was a dog guy.

At the radio station everyone brings in their dogs. It is great fun, but now I am a cat guy.

If the thugs I grew up with knew I was a cat guy and not a dog guy, I would be ridiculed. No man has a cat. Old women have cats. Odd feminine man who were scared of women had cats, but never a normal hard working 100% American male.

So it is a deep dark secret I hide when I visit my friends and family in New York City. I can talk politics, sex, drugs, rock and roll. No subject is off limits. I share every part of my life with my family, except one: my new-found love of a cat.

Why do I now love cats over dogs? I will try to explain it. To me, my relationship with a cat is like a guy's relationship with a woman. Sometimes you want to share your affection with your cat, but if she is NOT in the mood, you're out of luck. That's what I hate about cats. Come on, I feed you, give you a home, love you and you won't give me two minutes of your time? No means no. When Black Cat doesn't want to hang with me I am out of luck.

Now, a dog is like a stupid, affection-starved male. You call him, he comes. You wanna pet him, he lets you and wags his tail. A dog is like a male. He is always ready to be with you. Whenever you want him he is there.

But that's also the problem, because a dog is there for you any's not special.

When a cat, wants to hang with you, it's special. You feel honored. What have I done to get Black Cat to want to be with me, sit with me, let me pet her? It's very special. In life, women call the shots. Men live to please women.

To me, a cat is like a woman and a dog is like a man.

So, to all my friends in New York City who are only dog guys and can't appreciate the joy and beauty of a cat, I say this: It takes a real man to own a cat.



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