On Air show from March 2, 2013.

My guests Philip & Leila Zemke will discuss "The Role of Art in Psychological and Physical Health". A very interesting topic that is slightly out of the ordinary.

They will take us back throughout history when art was discovered and used. Philip & Leila will also discuss Recent Discoveries in Neuropsychology; as well as the Therapeutic Effects of Art.

When the Zemkes explain a topic like this, it will help open our eyes to the artist in all of us.

Segment 1
Jacobus introduces Philip and Leila Zemke of Play of Life Therapies. 406-556-8770

Segment 2
Philip and Leila discuss some of Aristotle's 12 states of consciousness.

Segment 3
Philip and Leila give examples of people who have been helped by art therapy.

Segment 4
Philip and Leila talk about subliminal consciousness and the elasticity of the brain.

Segment 5
Philip and Leila discuss prehistoric art and the therapeutic power of music.

Segment 6
Philip and Leila answer caller questions about color.

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