No, I’m not talking about the X-Files or little green men from Mars planting duplicates of us here on earth.

I’m talking about who makes you — you?

Do we take the things we admire about others and make them our own?

I spent two years in Texas during my college years and returned to Illinois with a noticeable southern accent. Some people comment I still sound a little southern now and then.

It wasn’t intentional but being exposed to that constant demographic worked its magic on my brain and vocal chords. I changed the way I spoke and had no control over that change.

I didn’t even notice it until others pointed it out to me.

Am I Me; Are You You?

How much of who I am is made up of a combination of other people I’ve met over the years? Am I part Dirty Harry mixed in with Dr. Seuss?

Go ahead make my day and I’ll have green eggs and ham?

Do the people we meet as we pass through life alter who we might have been or will be? Or is everything preordained?

Who or What Made The Greats Great?

What about our parents? Wouldn’t we be Lord of the Flies without them?

Did Michael Jordon meet someone who put him on a path to be arguably the best basketball player of all time?

Did Einstein meet someone that told him to question time and space?

Who influenced Jimi Hendrix to pick up a guitar?

Why stocks and bonds Mr. Buffet?

Some Final Thoughts

There’s no way to look back and recognize all of life’s altering moments. We all remember some.

It might have been a teacher, neighbor, co-worker or friend.

Some events passed without our conscious notice while others are indelible. But all combine for an end result.

That end result is you and I.

Who are you today? Who will you be tomorrow?

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