On June 6,, 1944 a large group of almost 20-year-old men landed at a series of beaches off the Normandy coast in France, facing almost certain death.

Contrast that with today’s 20-year-olds who are traumatized if they see a confederate flag on a notebook. The one’s who need a safe space with soft music, cookies, puppies and coloring books.

You might think I’m exaggerating — I’m not. College campuses today actually have safe spaces to protect students who are emotionally unable to handle today’s societal triggers.

There’s No Safe Space In The Real World

When you enter the workplace as an adult you will find that there are many things said and demonstrated that you will not like.


Unless it’s some form of illegal workplace behavior you’re on your own. There won’t be any coloring books or puppies, there will only be impossible deadlines and a workload that never ends.

And then your performance is evaluated by someone who has no idea what you do.

And if you’re unhappy or emotionally drained no one will really care because they’re in the same boat.

Today’s workplace is crammed full of racists, bigots, homophobes, xenophobes, claustrophobes and any other “phobe” you can imagine.

They are called free-thinking Americans. You don’t agree with them on any level on any topic.

And the common denominator is they, nor your boss, could care less about your feelings or your personal beliefs.

Some Final Thoughts

If you’re planning of surviving and living in the real world then the only safe space you’ll find is the one where no one cares what you think or your facts.

Being emotionally upset and outraged isn’t the way to change the world. Why not talk to this person and try to discover the basis for his or her thinking.

Then you have a foundation to begin a dialogue about your differences. It’s much more rewarding than retreating into your safe shell and ignoring the person for the rest of both your lives.

The only safe place is that place were you can accept that others don’t always think as you but that doesn’t always mean they’re bad people.

If someone wears a MAGA hat to work, you might comment that it brings out their eyes before you start screaming about what a lousy president you think Trump is.

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