Most of us have stress in our lives and are very aware of it. Work, money, kids, family, all keep us awake at night trying to cope with it all.

Stress hits some people hard. To the point where medication is prescribed. Other’s seem to take stress in stride.

Some people take deep breathes, count to ten, meditate, or just go someplace quiet where they can scream at the top of their lungs.

We are coming up on one of the more stressful times of the year — income tax. If you owe it’s stressful.

If you owe a lot, then it’s very stressful. If it helps you have two extra days to get your taxes in order in 2018.

Taxes are due by midnight on April 17th this year because the 15th is on a Sunday and Monday is a Washington, DC holiday.

I’ve often felt that election day should be the first Tuesday after April 15th. If I had to write a big check then I’d like that fresh in my mind when I vote.

Radio Stress

When I was doing the morning show on KMMS that was very stressful. You had to put on a good show every morning.

Just because there’s no local competition in morning AM talk radio doesn’t mean I got to phone it in.

Doing the weekend show is not any less stressful. The upside is you have a week to prepare but even that is deceptive.

What happens in the news on Monday might be 180 degrees different by Thursday. We actually begin preparation for Saturday on Thursday night.

Friday is usually a slow news day unless the government does something they don’t want the media to deal with until Monday.

But we have the advantage of dropping the news bomb on Saturday.

Some Final Thoughts

How do I deal with stress? Good organizational skills do a lot to reduce stress. Shane and I try to organize the show, so it flows from story to story in a logical order.

The other tool I use is memory. I think about what the most stressful thing in my life was on this date last year.

Unless it was a very traumatic event like a death or downtown blowing up I usually can’t remember so I say to myself, “This too shall pass.”

I’m sure you’ll be aware of your stress this month, and next month and the month after that.

So just think what really bugged you last year on this date. Try it. It works.

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