This makes me so incredibly mad...sad...angry...the words can not even begin to explain how much this story makes me feel. I will never be able to understand why people who can not care for animals, feel the need to have them. Animal cruelty is absolutely unacceptable and the person or people convicted of these crimes should be punished to the maximum allowed in every case. It just makes me sick.

Photo by Fabian Burghardt on Unsplash

Recently a call came into Flathead County Animal Control regarding horses in northwest Montana, Columbia Falls to be exact. When the call first came in, Animal Control arrived at the home to investigate an animal cruelty complaint involving several horses. Initially, Animal Wardens believed that five horses were not being fed appropriately. Horses are not small animals, they require a lot of care and attention. You can not just stick them in a pasture and forget about them. Just makes my blood boil.

As the Animal Wardens and Animal Control looked further into the investigation, they came to the realization that this was much worse than just the five horses they had initially thought. The authorities obtained a search warrant through the Sheriff's Office, and what they found was horrifying. Not only had this landowner had the horses on their initial land, but had more land around Flathead County. Ultimately leading them to find 17 horses and one possibly dead prior to the initial report. JUST SICK! None of these horses were in good or even average health, but all in POOR HEALTH. Starvation and other health issues were also discovered. There are enough people, charities, foundations, rescues to take in animals a person can no longer care for. WHY put these animals through this?!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

Thankfully the horses are now in the care of Flathead County Animal Control. Flathead County Animal Control is in need of donations for these poor horses:
Horse Blankets
Grass Hay or light alfalfa grass hay
Senior feed
Alfalfa Pellets

If you are able to donate any of these items or are looking for a list of more things that may be needed shoot a quick email to:
Thank you to the incredible caller for reporting what they thought was an unhealthy situation for the horses. YOU have saved their lives and for that, THANK YOU.

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