Contributed by: Steve Frost • Source: ThinkStock
Contributed by: Steve Frost • Source: ThinkStock


I’m glad to speak to you all today but not sure that I can. Not sure who you are.

I’ve been trying to find a real definition of who you “middle classers” are but the info about you is spotty at best.

That concerns me.

Think about it. Politicians beat their chests, tell you they are the champions of the middle class, they pass laws with you in mind, vie for your vote, and have no clue who you really are.

If you’re going to be a middle class champion shouldn’t you at least be able to define who the middle class is somehow?

Defining The Middle Class by Income

In most cases the middle class is identified by annual income. But even using that benchmark there is still no clear answer as to who you are.

  • A Pew Charitable Trust Study says you make between $32,900 and $64,000 per year.
  • The US Commerce studied the issue and they say you make between $50,800 and $122,000.
  • The US Census Bureau looked at 60 percent of American incomes and came up with a range of $20,600 to $102,000.

Seems to me that you are all over the place.

Do people making $20,600 really believe and feel that they are middle class?

Those making $122,000 still want to be referred to as “upper middle class.” They don’t want to feel different than regular folks. Don’t call them rich.

How far above or below the median household income of $55,192 do you have to be to still consider yourself middle class?

Are You Considered Middle Class?

How do you define yourself using a measure beyond money? What is it that makes you middle class?

It is the three-bedroom home, white picket fence, 2.3 kids, and a two-car garage?

Perhaps you consider yourself middle class if you are college educated, white-collar worker, middle or upper management, or self-employed?

Some Final Thoughts

Once again we find the need to label ourselves. If we don’t “pigeon-hole” ourselves you can bet someone else will do it for us.

When we speak in terms of “middle class” aren’t we just saying we’re average? We’re nothing special? Not rich, not poor, just existing.

Is that the class you want to find yourself in? Congress working hard for “Joe Sixpack,” without really knowing anything about whom Joe Sixpack actually is?

Most of you reading this would probably check the middle class box if you had to identify yourself both with income and the your perception of your situation.

So maybe the right people are reading my open letter.

What do you think?

Comments below.

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