Carol Marsh, 71, was arrested early Wednesday morning, January 22, for sitting down on Reserve Street and blocking the Omega Morgan megaload shipment.

Marsh said her arrest was an act of civil disobedience to protest the megaload, as it symbolizes global warming, what Marsh calls the greatest disaster of our time.

"I wanted to focus public attention on this frightening, terrifying problem of global warming," Marsh said. "I have an 11 year-old granddaughter, and the world she will be living in is already much the worse for wear. We're not just threatening our species, but experts say that as many as half of the species on the planet could go down with us due to climate change that we're responsible for."

Marsh said her arrest by law enforcement authorities was gentle.

"They treated me like a 71 year-old grandmother," Marsh said. "They helped me up, they handcuffed me, took me to jail and booked me and released me without bond. I already appeared in court today and pleaded guilty and paid a fine, which was $110 with $110 suspended, as long as I promised not to do this again for six months, but, I told the judge I was going to protest again, anyway."

More megaload shipments will be coming through town, and Marsh said she, and her fellow activists will be there to protest.

Carol Marsh

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