Yes, I’m staring my third year of blogging for Townsquare Media. Yesterday was the second anniversary of five blogs each week for two years on a variety of topics. I myself am amazed that I could find 520 things to talk about over that two year time span. I think I’ve written something about almost any topic you can think of. Gay marriage, legalization of drugs, gun control, income inequality, thankfully Townsquare hasn’t set any topics off limits— at least not yet.

Where Does Inspiration Come From?

Being retired helps. I’m able to keep up with the news so some blogs come from that source. History also plays a part. I look for things that might have been overlooked in the classroom.I'm also curious about how many holidays got to be holidays.

Personal experiences also play a large part. I write about things both serious and funny that have happened to our family as we go about our daily lives. Callers to the radio show also inspire me. More than one blog has come from listener comments.

Swiss Bank Accounts, Federal Reserve Audits and entitlements were three that were inspired by KMMS listeners. I prefer to write from personal knowledge and experience whenever possible.


As most of you know I’m not a big fan of censorship. But I also realize the responsibility Townsquare has put on my shoulders. As much as I would like to pepper some of my blog posts with some four-letter expletives for enhanced effect, I do have to respect the “family friendly” goal of all our stations. My job is to bring more listeners to the stations, not drive them away.

Fun Facts on Friday

Around the first of the year I started doing “Fun Facts on Friday” about all kinds of topics. Mostly they are my way of helping you end your week with something fun to talk about around the water cooler or just to put a smile on your face.

I’ve written fun facts about zombies, wolves, dreams, penguins, and junk food just to name a few. So keep an eye out for more fun stuff to end your week.

Some Final Thoughts

My blog posts go live every weekday, Monday through Friday at 6:00 AM Mountain Time. If you read your paper online you can head on over and catch my daily blog before work. And, if you missed any, there’s a link at the bottom of every post to take you to a page of the past 10-15 posts.

If there’s anything you’d like me to share my opinion on, or a topic that’s close to your heart, let me know by email. I’ll be happy to work it into the schedule. If you have helpful links by all means include those too.

Although my name goes on the blog, many behind the scenes folks help make these daily posts happen. So many thanks to all of you who’ve shared your thoughts and ideas for the blog over the past two years. I have no plans to slow down any time soon. See you tomorrow at 6 AM.

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