I realize it's still April, but if I'd seen this story on April 1st I'd have to consider it an April Fools Joke. It never ceases to amazing me how gullible the American buying public is.

It's seems that the clothing chain Nordstrom's has come put with a line of muddy jeans that retail online for $425 a pair.

Don't worry. For those of you on a fixed income there are some in the $299 to $399 price range. They're just not as dirty.

I cringe spending $30 for a pair of jeans. But what makes these even more amazing than the price is they are dirty looking.

They truly do look like you just left a muddy construction site and are ready for a post work brewski.

How Did This Idea Pass The Boardroom?

Kudos to whoever came up with how to make clean jeans look muddy and for creating a mud look that won't wash out.

What's next? Muddy Prom Tuxedos? Muddy maternity clothes? Are the homeless suddenly going to be in vogue?

I'm looking into investing in muddy boot stock. Oh wait, maybe the wearer could easily do that on a blustery rainy day.

I wonder what the jeans look like when you really get them dirty?  How do you know they're clean? If you had someone do your laundry they might over wash them.

Some Final Thoughts

I suppose the Chinese are hard at work coming up with knock-offs Martha Stewart or Kathy Ireland can sell. I wonder it they'll make it down to my price range soon?

Nothing makes a guy feel cooler and drives women crazy more than a really, really dirty looking guy. I assume the stubble shave look and skipping the deodorant might add to the total package.

Maybe if I charge a pair, get a cardboard sign, a dog with a rope leash, camp out at an exit ramp they might pay for themselves in a few days.

I'm going to have to rethink this.

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