We need to do more than just listen to talk radio. We need to be soldiers in the fight to "Make America Great Again."

People who listen to talk radio are smarter than those who don't. Why do I say that? Well, if you listen to music and just music all day, you're not using your brain. One reason why conservatives who watch conservative television and listen to conservative radio are smarter than the average media watcher is because we see BOTH sides. The average person gets info from Facebook, CBS News, ABC News, NBC News, CNN, the newspapers, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, all the network shows, etc. So if all you hear is President Trump said "all Mexicans are rapists," you would think that's true, that is what this Trump guy said.

But we as conservatives know because we also follow conservative news that what the President really said is that some of these illegals coming over the border are not good people, some are rapists.

But you would not know that because the liberal media is full of fake news

We can't get away from liberal news, but unlike them we also hear conservative news.

Now, I need you to become a fighter in the Make America Great Again movement. Take the pledge:

I (State your name) swear to stand up and be heard when others are giving fake news. I understand that it may be hard to contradict the uninformed but as someone who loves this country the truth is important. I can no longer let the liberal mass media spread its views without presenting the other side. This is my way of Making America Great Again.



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