May 3rd is National Paranormal Day. Why we need it or who proclaimed it is anyone’s guess.

Paranormal events are often described as events that fall outside normal experience or defy scientific explanation.

This is not to be confused with the supernatural that are events that fall outside normal experience or defy scientific explanation.

Or, in other words, when the dropped buttered bread always lands butter side down. Okay maybe that’s a stretch.

What strikes me as odd about these two terms is the use of the words natural and normal as part of the root word.

It would seem that neither of these descriptive terms are natural or normal.

Bozeman Places That Should Be Haunted

I’m sure there are places in Bozeman that are haunted. Every town has their folklore and superstitions about some restless spirit still hanging on long after they met an untimely end.

I’ve also felt there are places in Bozeman that might not be haunted — but should be.

I’ve always been pretty sure that the hallways at KMMS are definitely haunted. If you walk down that dark corridor at 5AM you expect the walls to start gushing blood and the twins from The Shining to be standing at the end of the hall. It’s dark, dank, and creepy.

The Story Mansion has to be haunted. After 75 years as a frat house, it’s hard to imagine that the debauchery and cult activities that went on there wouldn’t produce some sort of off-the-charts paranormal activities. The floorboards alone soaked up enough booze to bring any sleeping spirits back to life, hungover, but moving.

The Pioneer Museum used to be the local jail and many a bad hombre met his or her end at the nearby gallows. It must be standing room only for spirits there.

The Old Hospital on North Willson has got to have a poltergeist or two in that place. It looks like the setting for a sci-fi movie.

Some Final Thoughts

I’ve never been one to question what I can’t see. I can’t see gravity but pretty sure it’s there.

Ghosts are probably walking among us, but I guess you need Haley Joel Osment to point them out. In case you forgot his famous movie line, “I see dead people.”

I have no problem with the dead as long as they stay on their side of the playing field. I have enough trouble with the living as it is.

Do you work or live in a haunted spot around Bozeman? Tell us your story.

Comments below.

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