Kalispell Police have 21 suspects they think were involved in an act of vandalism at Flathead High School early Tuesday morning.

"Some suspects had caused a significant amount of damage to the inside of the school," Police Investigations Captain Doug Overman said. "There was some water fountains that were ripped off the wall, the bottle fill stations. There were some cups, sawdust, some shaving cream written on the wall. There was a statue that sustained some damage as well. Toilet paper, too, those kinds of things."

Many of the individuals were caught on camera and appear to be students.

"As far as the motivation for it, we're still in the initial phase of the talking to everybody to really find out the motivation for all of it," Overman said. "At this point, we believe that everybody that has been identified so far is a student. From a law enforcement side, we're looking at criminal mischief for the damage of the school. Obviously trespass for unlawfully entering the school."

On top of the legal issues, students were warned by school officials recently that expulsion and suspension were possible for any students involved in illegal activity.

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