HOUR ONE: Vote in our KMMS Morning Soapbox Poll Question of the Day, “What’s Your Favorite Christmas Movie?” TOPICS: Local weather and road conditions then Former employee sues Bozeman Health Deaconess Hospital, Sheriff needs more money for search and rescue, Red Chair Restaurant closing, grant to help pay for mental health treatment in Livingston, new zoning for Park County proposed.

HOUR TWO: Guest Money Guru Mike McCormick – Texters were looking for an explanation of inflation and why we need it. Tom, Shane, and Mike respond. Is affordable housing even possible in Bozeman? Mike has year end planning tips to small business owners, more on markets which set new record highs today and Fed rates before the end of the year. Also, what’s happening in France, India, and Europe and how it affects us.

HOUR THREE: The texters were active on finding good employees in Bozeman, the president added two more justices to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, Federal workers get a pay increase along with the military and the contingency of Trump hating texters where also on hand.

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