Do you know a good Montana sheriff? Of course you do, because we have some incredible sheriff's here in Montana.

Since I host a statewide radio show here in Montana, I've gotten to meet many of these great sheriffs over the years. Many of you may also recall back in 2020, when government overreach led to mask mandates and the forced shutdown of small businesses, it was county sheriffs who stood up and spoke out in support of freedom. At the time, 38 sheriffs signed a letter saying that the mask mandate in particular was not enforceable.

If you know a good sheriff who should be rewarded with a good opportunity, check out this fellowship event with The Claremont Institute. The deadline to apply is September 1st. The only downside is that you have to go to California...ha. Although, the fellowship will take place in November so it could already be very cold by then here in Montana.

According to the Claremont Institute:

Founded in 2021, the Claremont Institute Sheriffs Fellowship offers training of unparalleled depth and excellence in American political thought and institutions, from the country’s top constitutional experts and political theorists. Fourteen sheriff applicants will be selected for their character, aptitude, accomplishments, zeal, and community reputation to gather for five days to study and discuss the political-philosophical, institutional, and historical arc leading from the American Founding to today’s militant progressivism and multiculturalism, with particular emphasis on the role of law enforcement in maintaining liberty.

The Claremont Institute is one of the leading conservative, pro-Constitution think tanks in the US. Jeremy Carl is a senior fellow with the Claremont Institute who now lives in Bozeman. Let's send a Montana sheriff their way.

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