Listen below as Tom and Shane review the economy for the week on the Saturday Edition of Open for Business.

Shane reported that markets were up for the week globally. Markets were green everywhere across the globe.

With the threat of a tariff war with China soybeans and wheat were both down meaning that consumers might see lower prices on grocery shelves while farmers will be scrambling to fine the best prices for their soybean and wheat crops.

Oil closed up for the week at $67 while gold remained steady. With the recent action in Syria that could push oil even higher as the Middle East hostility heats up this summer.

Corporate earnings reports for the first quarter are expected out this month and many companies are looking at buybacks of their own stock. Shane reviewed the restrictions companies must adhere to when that happens.

While workforce participation seems pretty level, there do seem to be hiring signs everywhere.

Midterm elections were also a hot topic with one of the Livingston callers who also talked about pork prices from his local farm.

Will Republicans lose the House or Senate or keep control? Stay tuned.

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