First Lady Hillary Clinton steps out of the presidents limousine to board Air Force One January 5, 2000. The Clintons were traveling to their new house in Chappaqua, New York. (Photo by Mark Wilson)

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My title should read, “If Hillary Clinton Gets The Nomination She Will Be The Next President.” That title was just too long.

It might seem that I am some kind of fan of Hillary Clinton. I’m not. I wasn’t a particular fan of her husband and even less of her but what I think has little bearing on the outcome of a national election.

But I do believe if Hillary Clinton gets the nomination she will be the 45th President of the United States.

I have three reasons to think this will happen IF she gets the nomination.

History Making Event Number One

Six years ago the Democrat Party elected the first black to the presidency. No one can deny it was a historic event. Whether or not you agree with the current presidents policies is another matter.

Now Democrats and Independents have another historic opportunity to elect the first woman to the presidency. We have never had a female president or vice president in our 200 plus year history.

Another historic opportunity presents itself to the Democrat Party.

History Making Event Number Two

If Hillary Clinton were to be elected it would be the first time in history that both a husband and wife served as presidents of the United States.

I don’t believe that historic event will be lost on anyone. I think that alone will be incentive enough for the Democrat Party to get out the vote.

I doubt many will care about her stand on any issues or whatever baggage she brings with her. The person in that position might not be the right person but the opportunity is now.

History Making Event Number Three

Many of the electorate don’t particularly care for Mrs. Clinton and would probably be holding their noses as they vote for her. But with Hillary you get a bonus.

You get Bill back in the White House

If Hillary drops the ball as president, who better to back her up than Bill working behind the scenes to put things right? This info will also not be ignored by Democrat voters.

It’s almost like getting two presidents for the price of one. Or at least one and a half.

Some Final Thoughts

Some other unintended consequences of this election could be the loss of some governorships and state legislatures similar to what happened during President Obama’s first election.

Most people just pulled the “D” lever and voted a straight ticket. That could easily happen again if the party turns out the vote.

The election is more than a year away as I write this and a lot of things can happen between now and November of 2016.

Hillary Clinton may not make it out of New Hampshire. No one knows how people will vote in the primaries.

And a lot will depend on who runs against her but I have given three very big hurdles that an opposing candidate is going to have to overcome.

I don’t think positions on issues alone can do it.

History verses how bad can she be? Tough call. What do you think?

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