Why the Trump Fear?
There’s a saying that defines fear. F.E.A.R. — False Evidence Appearing Real. What some imagine Trump might do is far more fearful than what he actually does.
04.14.08 Weekly Market Wrap Up With Tom & Shane [Listen]
Listen below as Tom and Shane review the economy for the week on the Saturday Edition of Open for Business.
Shane reported that markets were up for the week globally. Markets were green everywhere across the globe.
With the threat of a tariff war with China soybeans and wheat were both down meaning th…
Green Party Being Attacked
Tim Adams, who is running for Senator with the Green Party was on Dominick In The Morning today when he first heard about a problem with the green party. It seems a former Montana Democratic Party chairman Jim Larson appears to be laying the groundwork for a possible challenge the Green Party. He is…

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