Did NASA Try to Cover Up A UFO Siting This Easter?
Watch the video starting from the 4:00 minute mark to get a full idea of what the video is showing. The camera takes an abrupt angle change around 4:40 to point up at the three (possibly four) objects. The commentator then begins to explain that the objects are reflections off of tin foil. We will l…
UFO Sighting In Jerusalem [VID]
Do you believe in aliens or intelligent life outside Earth in the universe? If you are at all skeptical, after watching this video you may become a full believer. The video has been flying around the internet generating a lot of talk on whether it's a hoax or if it's the best footage of whatever it …
Proof Of Aliens In Our Clouds?
Conspiracy theorists would suggest these cloud phenomena are caused by UFO's or Secret Government projects. But what are they really. Or at least what do scientists theorize causes them.