A female XC bicycle racer from Colorado crashed during a practice run on Marshall Mountain on Friday afternoon and was rescued by crews from Missoula Rural Fire.

Senior firefighter Rob Hollenbeck said Friday is the day for practice runs before the main XC competition on Saturday.

"There was a gal from Colorado who was going off one of the jumps towards the top of the mountain and she had a pretty bad wreck," Hollenbeck said. "Some other riders witnessed the accident. She fell trying to land the jump, so the access to the location was difficult. It required us to use what we call a Stokes basket. We put her on a backboard and used the Stokes basket, and we used a wheeled litter to get her out."

Hollenbeck said the woman suffered a back injury, but that it was not life threatening. He said the rescue took about 90 minutes to complete, and she was transported to St. Patrick Hospital. Her condition is unknown.