We'll give you a minute to refocus your eyes after gazing at the lovely Christina Hendricks. With us? Good. When it comes to a woman's curves, men aren't the only ones who have trouble keeping their eyes up.

In fact, a new study suggests that women in relationships are more likely to ogle other ladies below the neck line than their boyfriends or husbands are.

Researchers from the University of Bristol showed heterosexual couples photos or paintings of a man and a woman. While men and women were both more likely to concentrate on the female image, how they stared was different in a surprising way.

The men's eyes would scan the entirety of the woman in the picture or the painting, but would only pause to stare at her face. The women would look in fewer places and hold their gaze longer at breasts and other curves.

The researchers believe this is consistent with a differing world view between the sexes. They posit that because women have increased sensitivity to relationship threats they instinctively inventory the assets of potential competition.  Conversely, men have been evolutionarily designed to make more eye contact, because it's the best way to identify more general threats or dangers.

"While men and women may live in the same environment, what they see in this environment is reliably different," said PHD student Felix Mercer Moss, who lead the study. Yeah, like we didn't know that after being dragged to 'Pitch Perfect' this weekend.