Snack food. Who first invented snack food is unclear. There are too many theories to list here. I’m guessing Eve might be at the head of the list for checking out that apple in the Garden of Eden. But whoever it was there is no question that American’s picked up that ball and ran with it big time.

What's a Snack? 

Perhaps I should start with the definition of a snack. A snack is a type of food consumed in too large a quantity to be healthy, made with ingredients your body would normally reject, usually combined with entertainment of some sort, but it tastes really, really, really good.

Healthy Snacks

Health food stores are packed with all kinds of healthy snacks. Everything from crackers to dried fruit to healthy fruit drinks. The problem? Usually the box your cereal came in has more flavors.

The snack of choice for the health food crowd is usually fresh fruit. I’m sorry not just any fruit it has to be organic fruit. Monsanto can’t be within a hundred miles of the field. And yes, they gladly shell out a little more for the almost indistinguishable taste.

Unhealthy Snacks

This is the area where most of us common folk reside. Chips and dips are the staples for almost all sporting events — the more salt, fat and calories the better. It’s almost impossible to eat a chip without something on it. And what’s that famous advertising slogan? “Nobody can at just one.”

Fast Food Industry

Remember when Hostess went out of business and it seemed like the end of Twinkies and HoHo’s? The whole country panicked. No Twinkies? Say it ain’t so. I doubt there would have been outrage if sprouts made an exit from store shelves.

Five of the top selling sweet snacks in the US are:

  • Snickers: Over $424 million dollars in sales each year.
  • Those crazy M&M kids are also right up there at $417 million in sales.
  • Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups add $420 to Hershey’s bottom line each year.
  • The Hershey Bar, with or without nuts, accounts for a respectable $261 yearly.
  • Kit Kat’s round out the top five with $209 in yearly sales.

Some Final Thoughts

With the Super Bowl looming in the horizon look for store shelves to be packed with all kinds of snacks to make the game a little tastier. Even if your team ends up on the losing end you can always console yourself with some good ole guacamole dip and Vienna Sausages.

Nachos are my personal favorite. You get all the basic food groups, chips, sour cream, beef, cheese, salsa, peppers, and olives. What more could anyone ask? What’s your favorite snack food?

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