The Democrats took control of House of Representatives during the last midterm election.

The far-left fringe of the Democratic Party is definitely out to remove both Kavanaugh and Trump from office.

The question is — what are the charges, and will the Senate go along?

Let’s take these one at a time.

Justice Kavanaugh

The Democrats shot themselves in the foot for the way they handled the Kavanaugh hearings. They took home a lot of bad publicity.

Except for Senator Tester, every Democrat that voted against Kavanaugh lost in the midterms and every Democrat that voted for his conformation was reelected.

Gerald Nadler will be the new chair of the Judiciary Committee and says he will bring impeachment proceedings against Kavanaugh.

For what we’re not sure. Drinking too much in high school maybe. Is there a precedent for that?

Nadler gained national prominence during the impeachment of Bill Clinton, when he described the process as a "partisan railroad job."

Those words might come back to haunt him.

It might make it out of Nadler’s committee, but I seriously doubt that Speaker Pelosi will ever bring that to the floor knowing that the senate will never convict.

President Trump

Maxine Waters, 80, will be the head of the House Financial Services Committee. That should tell you all you need to know.

I’m not sure if she can subpoena tax returns before Trump was president but I’m sure she’ll try.

Few people are aware that the president and vice president are audited every year they’re in office by guidelines of the IRS.

Also, President Trump had to list all sources of income and submit those to the IRS and The Federal Election Commission before his name could ever be put on a ballot.

I would guess that Maxine is looking for Russian sources of income that will somehow prove that there’s no way he was legitimately elected.

The Mueller Investigation

With the resignation or firing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions this opens up a whole new can of worms for Democrats.

Will Mueller be fired? I doubt it, but you never know. At the very least this witch hunt has cost American’s enough and has gone on for over a year.

I think in that length of time something would have either been found and most certainly leaked to the press.

So far nothing connecting Trump to any election misconduct.

Some Final Thoughts

I doubt either impeachment will be attempted or accomplished. It would pose serious damage to the Democrat Party.

And voters have bigger fish to fry. Trump could be voted out in two years. Who knows what can happen in that amount of time.

The Democrat Party impeachment base while vocal is very small and the Senate will never convict — so it’s just wasted effort.

As the midterms dust settles, Americans are in about the same place they were two years ago.

Until January 20, 2019 the Republicans still have control all three branches of government.

Will the Republicans squander this time or use it to take some of the wind out of Democrat sails by passing a middle-class tax cut, infrastructure bill, immigration reform or a infrastructure bill?

Republican passage of any one of those would put a speed bump in the Democrats getting off to a good start.

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