I’ve lived through 13 presidents, going all the way back to FDR. In every election a segment of society is unhappy the day after.

Kennedy was the first Catholic president — some people were unhappy about that. Many thought the Pope would be calling the shots in Washington DC.

People certainly didn’t like Reagan after the election. He was going to start WWIII, he’s divorced, and he used to be a Democrat. Yet in his second term, he won every state but one.

Fear Is An Emotion Not A Fact

It’s said we are born with two fears — loud noises and heights. Not sure about the second one since many people work on high rise buildings without a net.

If an angry bison is charging you in Yellowstone that fear is certainly justified. But other fears, not so much.

People who can’t swim may have a fear of water until they can swim then that fear disappears in most cases.

Some people think facing their fears makes them stronger and they put themselves in dangerous situations to conquer their fears.

The Trump Movie

The fear you experience watching a scary movie is manufactured fear. It’s not real and you know it’s not, real but you still experience unfounded fear.

It’s controlled fear. It’s fear that was created for you by someone else.

The Trump presidency is like watching a scary movie for some people. You don’t know what’s going to happen, but you know you’re supposed to be scared because of the hype of the movie or in this case the national media.

I think that’s what’s happening with Trump. There is no justifiable reason to be fearful of any President and here’s why.

We Still Have A Constitution

Our founding fathers left England because they lived under a dictatorship of sorts. They had almost no say in the political process.

That’s not the case in the United States. We sill have a constitution, balance of powers, and the rule of law.

For example, President Trump signed an executive order that banned travel to people coming to the US from 7 Middle East countries if they could not be safely vetted. What happened? The lower courts stopped that travel ban in its tracks. Then the Supreme Court upheld the major parts of that ban.

No President can do anything he or she wants. All Presidents have to operate with the help and guidance of the legislative and judicial branches.

Some Final Thoughts

So why the fear? What if he sends us to war? What if he destroys health insurance? What if he ….? You fill in the blank. It’s fake fear.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve lived through many Presidents, and I’m sure I’ll make it just fine through this one as I did the previous ones.

Presidents serve at the pleasure of the American people. However, it’s not easy to serve if things no President would ever do dominate the front page.

What’s your — “What if …?” Comments below.

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