Every day I read stories on my show about what the Montana state government is doing. Today, Gov. Steve Bullock was in the news. He vetoed a bunch of bills. Last week he vetoed a bill that would have stopped women from aborting six-month-old unborn babies because they feel pain. The governor said that's not true. I wonder when he thinks a baby feels pain. Maybe at 3 or 6 years old.

Every time Bullock does something I kind of understand why, except for this morning, he vetoed one bill that would make it easier to check what  health care prices are. Doctor "A" charges $422.64 for a heart transplant and Doctor "B" charges $23,587.42 for a heart transplant. The law would have let us know these things and help us pick a doctor. The reason for rejecting the new law, he said it would have done very little to bring down health costs.

I would think everyone in Montana would have loved this new law, well everyone but overpriced rich doctors who may or may not contribute to politicians.

Today he signed two bills into law and I can't find anyone to tell me why we need these new laws. It is now illegal, against the law, to feed a wild turkey. Really. This is a problem we need a law for? Like the former first lady Michele Obama worried about school children eating too much and getting fat, Gov. Bullock is worried about obese turkeys..

Ms.Obama and Gov. Bullock are both Democrats. Maybe the fact that I am a Republican, I don't understand the dangers of fat birds. They could get a heart attack. They may get diabetes.

But before you think I am being to hard on our governor, he signs a law making it illegal to import dear urine from other states. Fat turkeys, now dear pee. Where will it stop? As I am a new Montanan, maybe I am missing something. State troopers are now on the lookout for illegal guns, heroin, human trafficking and dear urine.

"Excuse me, sir, is that out-of-state urine in your bottle?"

"No, officer, that is 100% Montana weewee."

"Sir, that pee looks mighty suspicious. I am going to have to take you in."

Will the officer have it tested? How can you tell if the deer is born in another state and moved to Montana? Sort of like Congressional candidate Greg Gianforte.

No one can explain to me these two new laws Gov. Bullock signed. But I guess he has his reasons. Can Montana deer contribute to candidates?


(The Associated Press contributed to this story)

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