So you look out your window one night and a 309-pound grizzly bear has her face in your outside freezer. First of all, why do you have your freezer outside? Is this a Montana thing?

I've lived in Las Vegas, Denver, Birmingham, New York City and have never had a freezer outside my house. I know some people have a freezer in the garage, but not outside. Having a freezer outside is to tempting not only for bears but humans. I wonder if they have some beer or T-bones in it.

The home owners call wildlife officials, putting the officers' lives in danger.

I saw a movie where a grizzly bear ripped a man's head off with one swing. Luckily Charlton Heston was there and killed the bear with a pocketknife.

These things are killers and I wouldn't want one around my house. Here's an idea, put your freezer in your darn house. Once you have seen the bear, maybe move it inside. Remember, the bears were here first.

 So Montana wildlife gets the call. It might have sounded like this:

"Hello, is this the Montana wildlife office? Help! A bear was hungry and thought she might find food in my freezer which is outside."

So help is on the way, and the first thing wildlife does is put up a fence and camera. Why don't they just move the freeze inside? Next they wait and soon the grizzly bear and her two fat babes are back. The fence worked the first night but then I think the bear figured out the gate code. The second night, the "three bears" were back in the freezer again.

 The department of wildlife made their move.

The mama grizzly bear and her two babies where captured and tagged with a GPS tagger. The GPS tag must cost money. Why are the taxpayers paying for a GPS tracker? We are paying for a fence. Shouldn't the people who live at the house pay for this stuff? It's their freezer.

No matter the 300-pound bear and her two bear babies are caught. The humans are no longer a danger.  

People with freezers outside are safe again.

A grizzly bear waves at Madrid's zoo on
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