With the growing population of the area, you would think this would be a simple choice but it's not. 

The other day I was in Target buying some new clothes for a trip I have coming up, and as I was walking around the store, I started to wonder why the Bozeman Target hasn't made any plans to turn into a Super Target. If you don't know what a Super Target is, the stores are the same but with more options for shopping, and you can also buy groceries. 

The population of the Gallatin Valley has been exploding for the past several years, and Target is one of the most popular big box stores in Bozeman. People love Target for their affordable but stylish clothes, great price points, and a large number of random things you don't think you need but realize you need to buy. Target is a dangerous store for many. So adding a grocery store would make Bozena's Target the complete package. 

So why hasn't the Target in Bozeman made plans to expand and turn into a Super Target? Well, the Target in Bozeman would have some issues. First off, Target would have to expand, and in their current space, there isn't any room behind them. The Target can't also go in next door to them because that space is currently occupied by Bob Ward's Sporting Goods. 

The other issue is Bozeman's Target is close to two grocery stores that are established and would hinder sales. Winco Foods is in the same strip of stores as Target, and across the street is Costco. These grocery stores offer groceries in different ways, Bozeman's Target would face competition instantly. 

Plus, with the shortage of workers Target would face an uphill battle trying to staff the store, and that would be a nightmare. 

Maybe Bozeman will get a Super Target one day. 

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