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According to Mellissa Data there are 2,909 businesses within the 59715 zip code. There’s no question businesses need legal advice.

Employees, personal injury from products, liability, all can put a business out of business if mistakes are made.

The General Population

My local phone book has 11 pages of attorneys. ELEVEN!

The same Mellissa Data site says the population of 59715 is 31,567.

Other than wills, and when I needed advice on the contract from my publisher, I find I rarely need an attorney these days.

But apparently I am one of the lucky ones.

I seem to get along with my neighbors, haven’t started a bar fight in many years, don’t have a landlord, I don’t have a beef with the city or county, haven’t been drunk or disorderly (except on the air), haven’t been a looter or protester, haven't been a pimp or drug dealer, haven’t stuck up a casino or Town Pump, haven’t caused any accidents with injuries, I’m just a lousy prospect for legal representation.

But, apparently a population of 31,000 is more than enough to support 11 pages of attorneys.

Hiring An Attorney

One thing you must keep in mind anytime you are considering hiring an attorney. Seventy five percent of ALL attorneys finished in the bottom three quarters of their class.

Ninety nine percent finished in the bottom 99 percent of their class.

Gives you pause doesn’t it?

We all hope we get Perry Mason or Ben Matlock. More than likely we’ll get an overworked, underpaid public defender.


OMG, do I really want to be judged by a jury of MY peers?? Juries full of talk show hosts? I don’t think so.

Common people off the street trying to understand the law who have no clue?

No wonder they call it practicing law.

Give me car mechanics anytime.

Some Final Thoughts

I guess I should be thankful that 11 pages of folks decided to put in the schooling, passed the bar exam, and hung out a shingle with all that competition.

And I would agree that anyone defending him or herself would certainly have a fool for a client.

At least there’s one good rule of law that still applies — they have to prove you’re guilty. You don’t have to prove your innocence.

Do you need a good lawyer?


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