(Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Wallheiser/Getty Images)

Is time travel possible? Opinions vary. But one thing is certain while there might be a few Edgar Cayce’s running around most of us can’t see the future.

So why are the predictions of a Donald Trump presidency so gloom and doom when the guy hasn’t even taken the oath yet?

Fear Sells

Hillary Clinton got over 2 million more votes than Donald Trump. She’s not the president because her votes were nestled in some very small, but very populated areas.

The question to ask is why?

Why do small pockets of humanity have so much control of an entire nation? In politics thankfully they don’t.

The Democrat Party has lost almost a thousands seats in Congress in recent years, coupled with losses in Governorship's and state legislatures at an alarming rate to them.

As Trump began a serious quest for the presidency everyone scoffed that a Trump presidency would even be possible. I was one of them and said so publicly many times.

Even as recently as election night Democrats settled in to watch what they thought would be an overwhelming landslide for the first woman president.

There is no way America would elect such a buffoon to the highest office of the land they thought.

In a very short amount of time those dreams were vanquished. While the votes poured in for Hillary she dropped further and further behind in the Electoral College count.

Each wave of poll closing was more bad news for the party of FDR.

Is There A New Mindset In America?

With almost every news agency against him, even his own party giving little to zero support and the big names in the Republican elite claiming they would not vote for him under any circumstances, Donald Trump somehow pulled off the biggest political upset of all time.

And it did it by the simple act of connecting with the new mindset in America.

The mindset that saw the America they used to know slipping away by the growing acceptance of political correctness.

And they didn’t like it — and voted accordingly.

Some Final Thoughts

Currently the Democrats are on the ropes — for now. They see their America slowly slipping away by the rejection of political correctness.

They thought they had the world on a string, the first woman president — who could possibly reject that?

A lot of people did.

Now the only defense for the loyal opposition is to play the fear card and reach deep into the name-calling bag.

I have no clue what kind of president Donald Trump will be. But there seems to be no shortage of people telling me it will be a disaster on many fronts.

While they have zero evidence of their prognostications they adamantly proclaim them as gospel to all who will listen.

The group listening is slowing shrinking.

The demise of the Conservative Movement in America has been greatly exaggerated.

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