I didn't want to see the eclipse. I was scared I might go blind. I had seen eclipses on Star Trek. I looked up eclipse on YouTube. I am just odd. I am the type of person who goes to the Grand Canyon, looks at it for about a minute and wonders if there is a good restaurant around here.

My mom use to play me a song by Peggy Lee called "Is That All There Is." Click here and check it out, but I warn you the song has haunted me all my life. The song looks at life, all the big things that happen, and Peggy Lee wonders - "Is That All There Is?"

So, I left the station, all my fellow employees were looking up. I ran to my car in fear I might see the eclipse. But it was kind of nice seeing everyone together, looking up. I drove to Safeway. In the parking lot, it seemed all the Safeway employees and customers where outside looking at the eclipse.

As I was heading in the store, one man yelled, "Hey, what happened to the sun?"

Everyone laughed. I laughed. This eclipse was bringing people together. No rich or poor, young or old, black or white. We were all just humans looking at something that made us realize we are part of something bigger.

Some may call it nature, I call it God.

Yep, the feeling of togetherness, brotherhood, sisterhood... It bought us all together.

Mountains and eclipses don't impress me.. People do. People coming together.

We could use a few more eclipses.



Annular Solar Eclipse Observed
Getty Images

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