Earlier this week, President Trump released his annual budget proposal to Congress and Congressional Democrats immediately began taking shots at it.

Heritage Foundation policy expert Romina Boccia joined us earlier this week to cover the president's budget proposal. Here's how Heritage describes it:

President’s Budget Takes Steps Toward Sustainable Fiscal Policy – Washington’s consistent denial of the consequences of overspending by the federal government is one of the greatest threats to America’s future. President Trump’s FY2021 budget takes many important steps to curtail wasteful government spending, maintain successful pro-growth policy, sustain a strong national defense, and fund key constitutional priorities. At a time when the government is running trillion dollar deficits while the economy is growing, the President offers Congress a path to balance the federal budget in 15 years. President Trump’s budget reduces debt as a percentage of the economy while continuing to keep taxes low, improves health care choices, continues to invest in the armed forces and national security, and takes important steps towards meaningfully reducing the growth in mandatory spending. These are critical first steps toward achieving sustainable fiscal policy.


Here's the two key takeaways I got from our conversation with Boccia. First, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is taking shots at President Trump's budget, while refusing to release her own proposal (or did she just rip it up?). Second, just last week Democrats were laughably trying to attack the GOP over budget deficits while simultaneously proposing massive spending increases like Medicare for All and student loan debt forgiveness.


You can listen to our whole conversation with Romina Boccia below.



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