How did Einstein get onto the Theory of Relativity? Why did the Wright Brothers turn from bicycles to flight?

Did an apple falling on Isaac Newton’s head really turn him onto the possibility of gravity?

It does make me wonder. What’s the genesis for good ideas? And even if you have an idea where do you start to make it a reality?

Thomas Edison had the idea of the light bulb, but he failed to make it a reality over one thousand times before he finally found the answer.

As a result of that one idea we no longer use oil lamps or candles for light.

Even Einstein’s theory is still just a theory. As knowledge increases there is more and more evidence that he was probably on the right track.

Who thought up the knife, fork, and spoon? After seeing these three instruments why do you still get chopsticks with Chinese food?

I’m pretty sure the Chinese have seen the fork. Are they just really slow picking up new ideas?

Ideas Evolve

I spent years learning about small business before ever considering making money from that knowledge.

The books, seminars and web site all went through a period of evolution.

As did Edison’s light bulb and Bell’s telephone.

According to all the info I can find Bell and his assistant Watson never spoke of texting as their next project.

That was someone else’s great idea.

The head of IBM claimed no household would ever have the need for a computer. He was obviously not an idea man.

But Steve Jobs and Bill Gates were.

Some Final Thoughts

Two things really changed my life. Someone advising me to write a book, and the Apple Computer.

Both sent me in an entirely different direction from the one I was originally headed in.

But it was an evolving idea that came out of nowhere and I had the good sense not to ignore it or discount it.

If you have an idea don’t put it on the back burner. Maybe it will turn out to be a bad idea — but what if it doesn’t?

That one idea could change your life as well as countless others. Give it a shot.

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