Today on Dominick In The Morning we started a new segment "One Side, the Other Side." The discussion today was about abortion.

Hannah Wilson, from the Susan Wicklund Organization, which is pro-choice or pro-abortion, and Lindsay Langhals, president of the Students for Life at MSU, a pro-life, anti-abortion group, were the guests.

Wilson said abortion is the right of every woman, a woman could be 8 months 3 and a half weeks pregnant and still get an abortion.

Langhals says even if a woman is raped, she has to have the baby. One second after the sperm hits the egg, it's a baby.

The listeners called in to try to prove whatever side they agreed with is right. I expected that. What I didn't expect was people who were texting in questions, calling my guests "whore" and "slut." It was only two or three people that did that, but I am still surprised how people will act if they think they are anonymous.

During this segment, at the end of the hour debate, I will be the judge and announce the winner.

I said pro-choice was wrong because abortion after 3 months is wrong. I also said pro-life was wrong because abortion should be allowed in the first few weeks before the kid has a brain.

I suggest both pro-choice and pro-life should compromise. They both should agree that abortion is okay in the first few weeks and abortion after 3 months was killing a baby.

Seemed like a good judgement was right. They both said no.


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