I’m often called a racist by one or more of my liberal friends on Facebook because I don't buy into the meaning of every posted comment where they see racism.

I think anyone who listens to me weekly on radio or knows me personally would have a hard time making that description stick.

So why does the term seem to come up so often in Facebook back and forth? It’s simple.

My more liberal friends believe it’s an easy way to win the argument. If I’m supposedly exposed as a racist, then I have nowhere to go the discussion is over and my friend has won. In their world.

If I mention anything about Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, Elijah Cummings, no matter what the context then I’m defined.

If race is a hammer, then every comment looks like a nail to those who have the race card at the top of their argument deck.

Donald Trump rails against MS-13 gangsters — he’s obviously a racist.

If you want to preserve the history of the Civil War in the south that your ancestors fought and died in, then you’re a racist.

Fly the wrong flag and you’re a racist. Use the wrong term and you’re a racist. Wear the wrong message on your shirt and you’re a racist.

Some Final Thoughts

The left capitalizes on race because they think it will get them votes. In their world so called right racism is directed at blacks and Hispanics predominantly.

What about Asians? You rarely hear of that group being put upon by the right. Perhaps they don’t all vote Democrat so there’s no need to bring them into the big protective liberal tent.

Racism is not confined to the white population. I’m pretty sure that some racism exists in almost every racial makeup.

We are programed as humans not to like everyone equally.

As a Vietnam Vet I can tell you one thing. When I saw caskets loaded on a truck for the long journey to the US I never once asked what color the person was. And neither did any other vet I’ve ever known.

Rodney King is famous for saying, “Can’t we all just get along?” What a powerful statement if we can only make that happen.

Each one of us has to take the race card out of the deck in our own personal lives. If we can do that then racism will have no meaning any longer. Work on it today.

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