One of my radio jobs is researching things for my show and this daily blog. And, as I was Googling some info, I thought of a common phrase. I was, “looking stuff UP.” And that was a dangerous thought because it got me to thinking about the word “UP.”

A Very Versatile Two Letter Word

The definition of the word “UP” takes UP about half a page in my Funk & Wagnall with about 30 definitions. UP can mean all sorts of things. Usually it means a direction. Toward the ceiling or the sky to most people. But my title, “What’s UP?” can also mean, “What’s going on?” or “What are you doing?”

I Guess It’s UP to You

I got UP this morning went to a business meeting where several topics came UP. We put some candidates UP for election and left it UP to the recorder to write UP the minutes. A friend of mine missed the meeting so I called him UP to see what was UP with him.

He told me he didn’t want to stir UP trouble but couldn’t think UP a good excuse for not being there. He tried to tell me that his drain was stopped UP and he had to open it UP again. I think he just didn’t want to get dressed UP to go.

Around The House

The wife and I are getting ready for Thanksgiving so we did some wallpapering to brighten UP the room. We polished UP the silver, got all the pots out we’ll need to warm UP the leftovers and cleaned UP the kitchen and worked UP an appetite. Then we locked UP the house and went to check on a friend who’s fixing UP his old car.


I thought it might rain or snow because it started clouding UP. But not too long after that the skies cleared UP. I’m glad it didn’t rain because then it gets muddy and that really messes everything UP. But after the rain it always seems to dry UP.

We thought we might catch a movie but we had to wait for the theater to open UP. We had to line UP to get our tickets and got out after the show just as they were closing UP.

Some Final Thoughts

If you feel UP to it, you might try thinking UP your own list of the many ways to use UP. I know it will take UP some time, but if you don’t give UP you can probably think UP a lot of examples.

So I’ll wrap things UP since my space is almost used UP and you’re probably ready for me to shut UP at least about the word UP.

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