Most people don’t usually think of themselves as an investment. Don’t you have a vested interest in where your life is headed? Aren’t you trying to improve your life while, at the same time, preserving the lifestyle you’ve earned? Why not start investing in yourself by making your most important commodity — you — more valuable.

Invest In Knowledge

I’m not talking about formal education although a degree will most likely translate into a higher income. I’m talking about learning those things that make you more valuable as either an employee or a business owner.

I’ve worked for 25 different companies in 17 different industries during my working life. The most important thing I learned by working for each of those companies is how they worked. Why they did the things they did. What worked and what didn’t. The more I knew about the inner working of that business the more valuable I became and more promotable.

Invest In Your Body

I’m not talking about the world’s oldest profession. I’m talking about taking care of yourself and your health. Adequate sleep, good nutrition, exercise will go a long way in keeping you gainfully employed. Encourage your co-workers to join you for a short brisk walk after lunch. The better they are doing their jobs the better the entire company functions and everyone benefits.

It’s Not What You Know; It’s Who You Know

All my life I’ve tried to learn from those smarter than I am. I join organizations that are attractive to business owners, entrepreneurs, and other knowledgeable business people. Successful people are usually happy to help others be successful. Most will be happy to have a cup of coffee and listen to your ideas and give their opinions and suggestions. Seek out those who have the information, knowledge or expertise you need to improve your own situation.

Invest in Reduction

I’ll save $600 dollars this year because I changed business phone services today. Most of us look at additional income as more to spend. I look at it as more to save. What if you rent rather than buy a house. If I can put the difference somewhere that makes more money than the interest on a home loan then I’m definitely ahead. I might be able to sell the home down the road for a profit or the bottom might fall out too. But my investment will keep earning somewhere between 3-10% over the long haul.

Some Final Thoughts

You are your most valuable asset. The problem is you are the one that sets the value on you. When you look in the mirror tomorrow will you see a victim, or potential big bucks? I really doubt Edison woke up thinking about how many times he would fail that day trying to come up with the next big idea.

There’s an old saying, “A diamond is just a lump of coal under great stress.” Many people have to find themselves with their backs to the wall before they make life-changing decisions. Does that make any sense at all? Why not eliminate the walls to begin with?  Will you see a victim in your mirror tomorrow or vast untapped potential? Look closely.

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