On Air show from March 30, 2013.

I am looking forward to another Open-Line Saturday on "Gesundheit! With Jacobus".

This weekend I will discuss three major topics:
* First: Several interesting concepts on Aging Research;
* Also: Possible health risks you may encounter when going to a Hospital;
* And: I continue with more information about women's health, involving Breast Cancer, hormones, dietary factors, and specific supplements.

Make sure you join me with some coffee, tea, and breakfast while we attempt to solve the world's health problems.

Segment 1
Jacobus and Chuck introduce this week's open-line show with some talk about a lecture on longevity by Dr. Vincent Giuliano. Jacobus answers a question about safe food storage.

Segment 2
Caller Terrence shares his views on medicine and a miraculous kind of water. Jacobus discusses more about longevity.

Segment 3
Callers give their opinions on a variety of topics including the controversy over pork, carbon dioxide, sanitation, and the efficiency of fossil fuels. A caller also discusses a homeopathic remedy for pneumonia.

Segment 4
Jacobus talks more about longevity and answers a caller question about sore throat remedies.

Segment 5
Jacobus talks about medical mistakes, the danger of false cancer diagnoses, and the cost of unnecessary treatments.

Segment 6
Jacobus reads an email about living wills. Callers comment on miracle water, gall bladder cleanses, and radon. This week's show ends with some talk about women's health issues.