If you were to give up something for a year then there should be some kind of incentive for you to do that.

Making a sacrifice without some sort of reward would make the motivation more difficult.

Obviously it would have to be something you enjoy. I’m no fan of turnips, so it would be no problem for me to give up turnips for a year. But giving up my cell phone might be really hard unless there was a big payday at the end.

Want vs. Need

I’m hard pressed to determine the difference between things I love(?) and things I really need. As you can see, this is a tough question to answer. So let’s make it more exact.

Let’s not do needs. You might need medication for example — can’t give that up.

Let’s do things you really enjoy doing.

Could You Give Up Montana Stuff?

Could you skip hunting for a year? Fishing? Skiing? Rock Climbing? Biking? Hiking?

I’ve given all those up for the 25 years I’ve lived here. But for many folks giving up any one of those would be a real challenge.

Would you give up skiing for a year if you got a five-year free pass? Five-year hunting tags?

Could You Give Up Other Stuff?

Are you addicted to the Internet or your smart phone? Might be really hard to give either of those up if they’re a major part of your daily life.

If you love to read could you give that up for a year? What about movies? No movies for a year?

No TV? No Game of Thrones? No Dancing with The Stars?

Some people might not make it through two weeks without these things.

What About Foods?

Food and I are on the best of terms. As much as food tries to tell me "it’s not you, it’s me," that’s just not working. A break-up between us is not imminent.

For some people a year without chocolate would be a year of torture. Beer and wine would be another choice that would be tough for some to make. Daily lattes? Morning coffee?

Again there would have to be a real incentive to make it to the 365-day mark.

Some Final Thoughts

Not sure I could do without steak for a year. Or bacon. Iced tea is my drink of choice, so it would be tough to give that up.

No way I could do without my morning coffee.

Giving up radio would be hard. Internet and cell phone too. I panic when I leave home and realize I forgot my phone.

Not sure what incentive would make me give up phone and Internet or coffee. Maybe all three free for life? What would you give up for a year if the price was right?

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