Tom Egelhoff, Host of the AM 1450 KMMS Morning Show
Tom Egelhoff, Host of the AM 1450 KMMS Morning Show

George Carter was the AM guy on Bozeman radio for many years. He’s the guy who decided to give me a shot at my own show at 6AM on Sunday mornings.

Even my wife didn’t get up that early to listen on Sunday, but it was great training having to talk on the air for an hour with rare calls.

Program Manager For A Day

Each year George used to give listeners the opportunity to give their advice about shows, topics, music, or anything else they wanted to change.

There were always a lot of helpful suggestions, and George did implement some of them.

Here’s your chance to put your two cents in on what you’d change about KMMS.

Some Helpful Tips

It’s not easy to swap shows on KMMS. Rush, Sean, Glenn, and all the others show’s are all by contract. So they expire at different times.

We recently added Clyde Lewis to the lineup replacing Herman Caine so listeners are getting used to him.

Glenn Beck is actually a morning show, but he’s after Rush and Hannity because their contracts say you have to carry them live if you’re going to carry them.

Since they are number one and two in the country not much of a brainer to move Glenn Beck to a later time slot.

There are many talk radio show hosts out there on both sides of the aisle. The bible of talk radio is Talker Magazine.

Some Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’ll find some familiar names on the above list. Which ones would you like to hear on KMMS?

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