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Often we’re our own worst enemy. We talk ourselves into and sometimes out of trouble.

But most all of us have some kind of self-talk. Self-talk is that little voice in your head that sometimes tells you to go for it, sometimes talks you out of it, and usually gets in the way of your hopes and dreams.

It Should Be Called Self-Destruction Talk

We totally control our self-talk but we never seem to realize that.

Athletes pump themselves up with positive self-talk before a big game. And beat themselves up after they lose the big game.

If you want to lose weight, stop smoking or start exercising your self-talk will motivate you in the beginning then tell you what a loser you are when you fall off the wagon and light up while having a doughnut standing on your treadmill.

Positive vs. Negative

How can we be both positive and negative within a few days of each other? One day we’re gung ho and the next we’re back in our comfort zone recreating the same old bad habits.

It’s as if we have Sybil for a brain. One personality for success and another for failure engaged in a never-ending battle for supremacy.

The sad fact is that depending on the situation we allow both to control us rather than the other way around.

All the best selling success gurus swear by positive self-talk. Do some every day they advise.

The more you do the more successful you’ll be they say.

If they were only with you at midnight when that last calorie-laden snack, or that last cigarette you hid, or that last beer in the fridge is calling your name.

Where are they then?

Some Final Thoughts

While a good case can be made for positive self-talk most of us view failure as too big a hurdle to overcome so we often talk ourselves out of the very things that will make us better.

The next time you get the urge to branch out, to leave your comfort zone, to make that first million and that little voice shows up to sabotage you — try this.

Take a deep breath, throw your chest out, your head back, and yell at the top of your lungs …

“Shut the F*** UP!”

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