So, I get a call from someone at the station: "You know the state fair is July 17th?"

"Oh cool," I say. "Is that a big deal out here? Who should I talk to?"

"Lori Cox, the fair manager, and it's called the Big Sky Country State Fair."

Great. I hang up. What the heck is a state fair? Is it like a circus? I hate the circus. I found out there are booths, I think animals, food. Oh, it's like Magic Mountain or Disneyland in California. I have never been to a state fair.

When I was six I think my dad brought me to the World's Fair in New York City. I remember at the World's Fair an exhibit of what the world will be like in the future. Our cars would fly, we would have jet packs, and telephones would have no dialers. You would push buttons instead of dialing.

So maybe the Big Sky Country State Fair will show us what Bozeman will be like in 50 years. Flying cars, jet packs, etc. We do have push-button phones now. Something did come true.

So I call Big Sky Country State Fair manager Lori Cox to see if she will come on Dominick In The Morning and talk about the fair. She is very nice and agrees to come on the show. I start asking her questions about the state fair. I tell her I have never been to a state fair, there were no state fairs where I grew up.

She seemed surprised. Where did you group up?

New York City and California. Lori said California has a big state fair. I had no idea. California has a state fair, but why would people go to a California state fair when they could go to Magic Mountain Six Flags Amusement Park?

I have never been to a state fair and the word "country" in the title makes me think there will be contests like who can milk the cow fastest, horseshoe throwing and square dancing.

Okay, I am going to do it. July 17th I will see what everyone is talking about. I will attend the Big Sky Country State Fair. As a virgin state fair-goer, I will let you know exactly what I like and dislike about this state fair thing. Here I come, Big Sky Country State Fair. July 17th, I head to the fair. I hope there is air conditioning.


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