America is one of the few nations on earth where according to our laws a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Apparently, that law no longer applies in the court of public opinion. You are automatically guilty depending on the group that convicts you.

The loudest wheel gets the grease.

I thought it was really interesting to watch an interview with Hillary Clinton by a journalist (?) claiming that women who make accusations of sexual misconduct against men should be believed.

Let’s review, Paula Jones, Juanita Broadrick, Kathleen Wiley, Monica Lewinski, all accused your hubby Hillary and you had no problem condemning them all as liars.

Did the journalist confront Clinton? Hardly.

Where Does This Leave Us?

Your father, son, brother is accused of something — anything — how would you react? Would you automatically say “Wow, doesn’t’ sound like him but I guess he did it?”

My guess is that would be your last response unless you had first-hand knowledge and indisputable proof of the alleged incident.

There should always be the presumption of innocence no matter what the allegation. If you make the accusation then bring on the proof, witnesses if there are any, and documentation.

Some Final Thoughts

Justice is not always done in our courts. Sometimes the innocent don’t always receive the outcome they deserve. And sometimes the guilty go free.

We don’t have a perfect system in the United States as much as we try to make it that way.

Unfortunately, a jury can be influenced by public opinion before a single charge is made or witness called.

I hope we’ve learned a lesson from the events of the past couple of months to temper our thought processes with patience until the facts are in and all parties are heard from.

Only then is it possible to make an informed decision rather than an emotional one. What’s your take?

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