This is a question I ask myself from time to time. I used to think I’d bring back one or more of the founding fathers.

I think they might be blown away seeing first hand what their vision has produced. The automobile, flight, smart phones, TV and Radio and electricity.

But I’d also have to point out that New York has 31 different gender identities and we can’t decide who gets to use what bathroom, ballots are printed in various languages, illegals can vote, porn is OK, children get to decide what sex they’d like to be and universities have safe spaces.

And I’m sure they’d be impressed that statues of them are being covered up or taken down because in 2017 they’re offensive to polite society.

I would hate to send them back to their own time with that future knowledge.

Would the founders recognize today’s USA?

Would you bring back an American Indian chief a couple of weeks before the Pilgrims arrived? That might dramatically change some things.

Roanoke would not be the only missing colony.

What If It Were We Who Got To See 2117?

Imagine what we would think if we were transported 100 years into the future. What kind of world would we see?

Cure for the common cold? AIDS?

Self-driving cars perfected? Would Google still be around? Amazon?

Would religion be gone or dominate the landscape? Which race would be most populous? Would the US still exist? Would there be any borders? Could you marry your dog?

Would wars still be going or would conflict have been abolished? Would I still be picking my own bathroom?

Would the workplace have safe spaces if an employee were unhappy or offended? What would computers look like? How fast and how big or small?

Some Final Thoughts

I’m not sure whom I’d like to bring from the past. I would worry future knowledge might have a profound effect on past decisions.

If I showed Thomas Edison a light bulb would that spur him on to invent it or would he become frustrated after 1,000 tries and give up. Maybe take him to a movie.

They say that seeing success in business is visualizing your business how it will be not how it is today.

I wonder if the founders or other famous people would be proud that things progressed beyond anything they could have imagined.

Who would you bring from the past to 2017? What would you want them to see?

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