MANCHESTER, NH - JANUARY 08: Harriet Boylan heads into a voting booth to cast her vote in the New Hampshire presidential primary at the Ward 3 Carol M. Rines Center January 8, 2008 in Manchester, New Hampshire. New Hampshire residents vote today in the nation's first presidential primary. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

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Tomorrow I will step into a booth, take a pencil in hand and color in some ovals next to names and initiatives.

Coloring in that oval can change the world. My decisions, along with millions of others like me, will have a profound effect on my life and those following in the future.

Filling in that oval can start or stop wars. It can determine my taxes, healthcare, savings, environment, health and safety, and a host of other events and laws that affect or regulate our civilized society. It’s an awesome responsibility.

What’s Really On The Ballot?

It has been said that while the President is not on the ballot his policies are. And this is true of any president. Current policies good or bad is what we are really voting for or against. Do we want to continue as we have or is it time for a change in leadership?

A Vote For Or A Vote Against

In many political races neither of the candidates find favor with voters.

So, the voters’ best course of action follows one of two paths. Either vote for the lessor of two evils, or cast your vote against the candidate you like least.

Either way your voice has been heard.

Yes Virginia, We Are A Republic

It would make no sense for one million of us to sit in Helena and try to agree on the direction of our state or to direct those we send to Washington. So in a republic we elect people to carry out our wishes. Is that really happening?

It would seem that being a legislator would be the easiest job on the planet. Here’s the bill; how would you like me to vote?

But it seems that we are sending more politicians to Helena and Washington than statesman. You don’t have to look any further than the statistics of how your guy or gal votes with their party. It would appear on the surface that our elected officials only represent their party and not the bulk of their constituents.

I suppose a case could be made that if I were elected then I must be reflecting the desires of the majority. But with 50% of the vote, or less in some races, is that really true?

Some Final Thoughts

If I were in charge there would be no left or right aisles in the legislature. Republicans and democrats would sit side by side and get to know each other and why they feel as they do.

I think this would bring a lot more bi-partisan bills to the floor. Once you reach Helena or Washington you represent all the people. That includes the ones who didn’t vote for you.

Keep these thoughts in mind when you head for the polls tomorrow. What does it really mean to vote?

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