Possibly the most complicated question we have ever asked ourselves, and there is no clear winner. 

Earlier tonight, I was hanging out with my sister and a bunch of her friends from California, and they were wondering if Montucky Cold Snacks are the official beer of Montana. I thought about it and was pleasantly stumped on what the official beer of Montana truly is. 

Montucky Cold Snacks is probably the most well-known beer outside of Montana due to its availability in several states. I have seen Montucky Cold Snacks available as far away as Tennessee. Plus, one of the coolest parts about Montucky Cold Snacks is 8% of the profits are given directly to local causes. Montucky Cold Snacks supports over 15 nonprofits in Montana alone. 

The only other beers that might be considered for the official beer of Montana would have to be from one of the great breweries, but which one? Big Sky Brewing out of Missoula is one of the most well-known in the Pacific Northwest due to the distribution of their flagship beers of Moose Drool and Ivan the Terrible. I prefer their Space Goat Pale Ale. 

If you had to choose a beer that has Montanan's love and is readily available at basically every grocery store, bar, or restaurant, there is only one clear choice. That beer is Kettlehouse Brewing's Cold Smoke Scotch Ale. Cold Smoke is usually on tap at every bar and restaurant in Montana. I have a friend in Boise who asks me to bring him a few cases of Cold Smoke when I visit every year. 

Either way, it's an interesting question. What would you say is the official beer of Montana? Is it the most mass-produced or distributed? Or do you have a personal choice? 

If you haven't tried one of these beers, pick any of them up at your local grocery store. 

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