Tree wells are dangerous for all levels of skiers and can result in death. Here is what every skier should know about the dangers of tree wells.

Whitefish Mountain has Tree Well Safety tips posted to their website In the last three years, three skiers have died due to suffocation in tree wells at Whitefish Mountain.

  1. Avoid deep snow & tree areas
  2. Always ski with a partner and keep your partner in sight. They are the only ones who could potentially save you
  3. Ski & ride in control and defensively
  4. Have ski patrol's phone number in cell phone
  5. Have a plan to survive

And below are four must watch of videos from Mount Baker Ski Area on what a tree well is, the dangers of tree wells, what to do if you get stuck in a tree well, and what to do if your partner gets stuck in a tree well. More info can be found at

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