The last time we chatted I told you my wife had my Black Friday planned out for me. Boy Howdy!It started Friday morning when the alarm went off at 1:45 am.Yes you read right. We started the morning at Wal mart on the prowl for a laptop.We got there at 2:15, there was already a line for the laptops, they only had 25, they were handing out numbers and I was #19. At 2:15. When the HECK did 1-18 get there. Well I asked the first person in line and they said Midnight, as they looked up at me from their lawn chair. WOW.

So we got our laptop at 5:05 am, yes I stood there from 2:15 till 5:05. Don't even know if it was a great deal. I think it was.

So from there we went to Kmart, Target, Home Depot, World Market, Old Navy, Breakfast at I-Hop, JC Penny, Real Deals, Ace Hardware, Holiday Store for Gas, Claires, Giggles, Payless, Kenyon Noble, Gallatin Valley Furniture, and back home by 11. Then napped till 3:30pm.

Any sales Saturday!

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